NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Physics Solutions for Chapter 13 - Nuclei

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Class 12 Physics NCERT Exemplar Problems on Nuclei

The central core present inside an atom is called the nucleus while electrons are negatively charged particles, that are surrounding it. The incredibly strong force that is used for keeping the nucleus held together is called nuclear energy. The nucleus has a neutral charge, unlike the protons which exhibit a positive charge. The mass of the proton is quite similar to that of a nucleus.

Concepts of class 12 chapter 13 Nuclei are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Atomic Masses And Composition Of Nucleus
  3. Size Of The Nucleus
  4. Mass-energy And Nuclear Binding Energy
    1. Mass – Energy
    2. Nuclear binding energy
  5. Nuclear Force
  6. Radioactivity
    1. Law of radioactive decay
    2. Alpha decay
    3. Beta decay
    4. Gamma decay
  7. Nuclear Energy
    1. Fission
    2. Nuclear reactor
    3. Nuclear fusion – energy generation in stars
    4. Controlled thermonuclear fusion.

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