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Difference between Meristematic and Permanent Tissue

Cluster of cells, performing a similar function are tissues. In plants, tissues are classified broadly into two groups on the basis of cell division capacity, namely – Meristematic and Permanent Tissue. Meristematic tissues in plants consist of a mass of undifferentiated cells whose main function is to participate in plant growth.

Permanent tissues on the other hand are differentiated tissues carrying out dedicated functions some of which are to conduct, render mechanical strength to the plant or even to carry out photosynthesis. These tissues are originated, differentiated and derived from meristematic tissues.

Difference Between Meristematic and Permanent Tissue

Following are some of the important differences between Meristematic and Permanent Tissue.


Meristematic Tissues

Permanent Tissue

Capacity to divide

Can divide

Cannot divide

Cell Composition

Undifferentiated cells

Differentiated cells

Simple/Complex tissues

Always simple tissues, composing of one type of cell only

Can be simple or complex tissues. If complex contains more than one type of cell

Nature of cells

Always Living cells

Can be non-living(Sclerenchyma) or living(Parenchyma)

Cytoplasm in cells

Contains dense cytoplasm

May or may not contain cytoplasm

Prominent nucleus


Prominent in some cells (Parenchyma) while absent in others(Sclerenchyma)

Pace of cell division


Completely differentiated, do not divide

Size and shape of cells

Size – small

Shape – isodiametric

Lumen – large

Size – large

Shape – varies

Lumen – very narrow or wide

Cell arrangement

Compactly arranged.

No intercellular spaces

Loose in some(Parenchyma)

Compact in some(Sclerenchyma)


Usually absent

Vacuoles present in Living cell. But dead cells lack protoplasm

Metabolic rate

Very high

Very less or no metabolism at all

These were some differences between meristematic and permanent tissues. Explore other differences important for NEET at BYJU’S.

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