Is NEET A Tough Exam?

No doubt, NEET is a difficult and challenging exam.

We are talking about the single-level medical entrance examination of the country with lakhs of students appearing for the exam, and limited seats offered in desired colleges. If these are not reasons enough for the exam to be tough, what else is?

Your passion to become a doctor and drive to save lives must decide your course of action. Inevitably, NEET is laborious but rewarding. However, your efforts, dedication, preparation will decide how easy or difficult it went for you. If you go back and check for success/failure stories on NEET, everyone has a different tale to tell, but the one common thing in all of them is how dedicated they were in their efforts(less or more)

If you let the exam pressure get the better of you, undermining your efforts, and not confident enough with a giving-up attitude, you are being your own enemy. The competition is simply overwhelming wherein a difference in mere 5 marks can bring you down by 50 ranks! The pressure is extremely high. So instead of concentrating on how difficult the exam is, your focus should be on what you can get to the table. Here the key to getting through NEET us accuracy coupled with speed. Give your 300%, avoid all sorts of distractions, for the coming few months, chant NEET only.

Dedicated study planner, intense revisions, rigorous practice sessions must be part of your journey. There should not be a single line unread by you when it comes to NCERT textbooks. Master all topics, by that it means, pick a topic, and solve all possible questions on it. The possible questionnaire can come from previous years’ papers, mock tests, sample papers, your own questions framed on a topic etc.

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Master the NCERT Chemistry Syllabus. Know every line of class 11& 12 both volumes. Do not ignore any chapter, even the last chapters which are often overlooked. Solve all the exercise questions. NCERT can be blindly followed for organic chemistry. Make note of all the reactions and revise them every day. Practise all the reactions and use mnemonics for inorganic chemistry. Physical chemistry must be thoroughly studied where numericals can be mastered with exhaustive practice. Revision and practising are the key areas for chemistry.

How to prepare physical chemistry for NEET

Physical chemistry comprises of numericals. Picking the right study material is critical. Go for different modules. R.C. Grover and N.Avasthi are good picks too. Master the basics, important formulae, steps to solve etc. Here, understanding the question and applying the acquired knowledge to suit the question is imperative. Pick a topic, understand the formula, its derivation(if given), then go on to solve problems on it. Pick keywords from the question, see for what the question is asking, make note of the given data, apply formula and solve. Solve all kinds of problems on a topic, move ahead if you find a question difficult, go through the theory part of it, come again to solve it. Try solving before you refer the answer.

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