Phone Jammers And Fingerprint Scanners To Prevent AIPMT Cheating Racket

AIPMT 2015 was cancelled and re-scheduled when the reports emerged that students at various centers in Haryana indulged in cheating by stitching Bluetooth devices and microphones into their clothes.

This year, CBSE has taken several precautions to ensure that AIPMT 2016 be foolproof. All the AIPMT centers will be provided with handheld metal detectors, mobile phone jammers and fingerprint scanners.

While the metal detectors and jammers will be used to check the usage of audio-visual devices, the use of a fingerprint scanner is to prevent the entry of fraudulent candidates.

During the filling of application forms, every candidate had to send a scanned fingerprint copy along with scanned photographs and at the AIPMT center, the fingerprint will be collected through inkless pads to check the authenticity.

Metal detectors are used to detect audio-visual devices like mobile phones, watches and even pens. Along with the sheets, even pens would be provided to the students at various centers. With the elaborate arrangements, CBSE has ensured that the AIPMT will be conducted fairly.


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