CBSE Guidelines for Mathematics: class 10 students with basic Maths can still opt for Maths in class 11

Nitish Choudhary | Last Updated | August 09, 2022, 13:24 IST
The relaxation for the candidates of class 10 with basic maths to opt for Maths subject in class 11 without appearing for exam prescribed by the CBSE has been further extended due to the Covid situation. CBSE Relaxes Guidelines In the latest circular released by the CBSE board, it has informed that the relaxation for allowing class 10 candidates to opt for Maths subject in class 11 without appearing for its exam in class 10 will be in continuation for the current academic year also. This continuation has been done by keeping in view the increase in Covid cases across the country. Candidates can visit the CBSE website, to go through the circular. The circular has been released to the principals of all the CBSE-affiliated schools across India. However, the relaxation has only been extended up to this year's academic session 2022-23, till further notice. Previously the relaxation was applicable to 2020-21 and 2021-22 sessions respectively. In the circular, CBSE has also mentioned that before allowing candidates to opt for Maths in class 11, the head of the institution must make sure that the candidate has the relevant ability and aptitude to pursue it.

CBSE Guidelines for Mathematics

Previously the candidates who wished to pursue Maths in classes 11 and 12, had to appear for the Mathematics standard paper exam of class 10. In case the student hasn’t appeared for it, and later on, decides to pursue Maths in class 11, then candidates had to appear for compartment exams of class10. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the compartment exams were not able to be conducted. Due to this, the CBSE issued new guidelines to opt for Maths subject in class 11 without appearing for standard maths exam of class 10th.