In those days, before the invention of computers and the internet, people wrote letters and sent greetings through posts, which took several days to reach their destination, and then a few more days to receive a reply.

Thanks to this modern technology.

What is E-mail?

E-mails are modern age letters.

E-mail means electronic mail, which is the medium for sending and receiving communication using the internet.

  • Sending and receiving messages electronically is known as e-mail.
  • The place where received e-mails are stored is known as the inbox.
  • E-mail can be sent from any place, any time and at less cost to any corner of the world.
  • We can also send files through E-mails. The files sent with e-mail are known as attachments.

What is an E-mail Address?

An E-mail address is first typed in the message box to send an e-mail.

For example, abcdef@gmail.com.

  • The E-mail address is known as an e-mail id.
  • There cannot be any mail without any e-mail address.
  • An E-mail address is required for both sender and receiver of an e-mail.
  • If we type the correct e-mail address, the mail reaches the right person.
  • The address book saves the e-mail id of those to whom we send e-mails regularly.
  • While sending an e-mail, this E-mail address is used, just like the sender’s address.

Benefits of E-mail

  • E-mail reaches quickly.
  • The cost of sending an e-mail is very less.
  • There is no limited size of the e-mail message.
  • We can also send letters, files, reports, pictures etc., by e-mail.
  • All the messages received will be stored in the inbox. The user can read these e-mails when he is free.

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