Peace, Unity and Harmony in Indian Society

India is a nation of diversities. In India, there are people of different castes, communities and races There are nearly five thousand communities. They all live in different geographical areas, speak different languages, believe in different religions and follow their individual characteristics. There is a lot of variety in their way and style of living, as well as in their food habits.

Despite these diversities, we are all Indians.

Unity is more important for the nation, with social, cultural, religious, linguistic and geographical diversities.

India is the second most populated country in the world. People from all religions of the world like Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs and Parsis live here. More than 850 languages and dialects are spoken in India.

Unity in Diversity

People of different religions and faiths reside here in unity and brotherhood.

There are different kinds of architecture, sculpture, artwork, dances, folklore, classical music, along with many festivals and traditions in India. The country’s vastness and geographical and climatic differences are some of the reasons for this diversity.

This diversity makes the culture of our country unique and mixed and makes it prosperous and beautiful.

Every religion has its own symbols in our country, but we are all under the National Flag.

In the Constitution of India, the unity and integrity of the nation were included as one of the main objectives. It was also included that every citizen must work towards the unity and integrity of the country.

Peace and Harmony

We believe in living in peace. We should live in peace and let our neighbours also live in peace and dignity; this would lead to peace in the world.

The families where people live in peace and harmony are more prosperous. The same is true for the country. In those countries where there is peace, there is development.

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