Our Social Issues

The society in which we live has both good qualities and shortcomings.

The good qualities help improve our society, while the shortcomings weaken our community. There are many shortcomings, which slow down our steps towards creating a progressive society.

Let us learn more about issues that weaken our society, and take adequate measures to remove them.

Family – Small and Big Family

We all live in a family that may be smaller with a mother, father and siblings or a big family with relatives.

A group of people living together in the same household is called a family. A family is the smallest component of society.

A small family is often considered a happy family. There are more benefits in a small family, when compared to a large or a big family.

Problems of a Big Family

  • Poverty, unemployment and starvation increase.
  • There is often tension, discord and enmity in the family.
  • Limited income will not fulfil everyone’s needs adequately.
  • In a big family, all the children cannot get complete love and care.
  • The need for education, clothes, food, medical treatment, and other requirements will not be well looked after.

Benefits of a Small Family

If there are one or two children in the family, they can be nurtured much better.Listed below are a few benefits of a small family:

  • Children get complete love and affection.
  • The basic needs of the family members are fulfilled efficiently.
  • Expenses related to food, clothes, education, etc., are easy to bear.
  • Children can be given balanced and nutritious food in sufficient quantities.
  • There is an environment of peace, happiness, joy and laughter in the family.

Importance of Education

Education refers to learning and gaining knowledge. An educated society and country progresses and develops faster. A child’s education starts with his family. His first teachers are his father and mother. Education increases knowledge and gives information about the country and world.

Education has lots of benefits.

  • Education enhances respect and reputation.
  • It makes us aware of our rights and duties.
  • It also opens the door for employment and earnings.
  • Education makes us self-reliant and improves our self-confidence.
  • Education makes our lives better and improves the way we live and work.

Education is considered very important and has lots of benefits. In our country, many people are illiterate, and the number of uneducated women comprises a large part of this group. The main reason is the discrimination exercised against women. In many homes, it is not considered essential to educate daughters.

Education is necessary for all, especially for girls and women, making them self-reliant and empowered. Along with compulsory education for girls and special rights, we should take steps to eradicate domestic violence and dowry practices from society. It is also necessary to make efforts at the social and political levels to build equality between men and women.

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