Life of Plants and Animals

We can see different types of plants, trees and animals all around us. Our nature is God’s gift, equally balanced with plants and animals. Both plants and animals are an inseparable part of this animate world, and they are dependent on one another.

Let us learn more about plants and animals and their importance in maintaining natural balance.

How are Plants and Animals Dependent On Each Other?

Both plants and animals are dependent on each other for different things.

Animals are dependent on plants for their food, shelter and air. Similarly, plants depend on animals and birds to transfer pollen, which is called pollination.

In nature, only green plants can absorb air and water and obtain energy from the sun, and turn it into food. The process of making food is called ‘Photosynthesis’. It leads to the generation of oxygen gas. This way, the amount of oxygen in the air does not decrease and maintains a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Both plants and animals balance the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air.

What is a Food Chain?

Grasshoppers → Grass → Mice → Snakes → Eagle.

As given in the above image, grasshoppers feed on grass, mice feed on grasshoppers, snakes feed on mice, eagles eat snakes, and when birds die and decompose, the fungi breaks and converts into nutrients. The nutrients, along with sun and water, help the grass to grow.

This way, a chain related to food is called a food chain.

Both plants and animals are dependent on each other, and together they keep a balance in nature.

In nature, creatures eat each other and maintain the natural balance. Plants are eaten by herbivores, herbivores are eaten by carnivores and omnivores, carnivores and herbivores are eaten by scavengers. Later, the residues of plants and remains from the creature’s flesh are mixed into the soil by bacteria.

Measure to Protect Plants and Animals

Both plants and animals are an inseparable part of this animated world.

Plants and animals are dependent on one another; together, they keep a balance in nature.

Here are some measures that may be taken to protect plants and animals:

  • Stop cutting trees and plant more trees.
  • Stop hunting animals and protect them by creating unique shelter homes.

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