Data Handling

What is Data?

Data is defined as the collection of information, which may either be saved or obtained from other sources.

The data collected directly is called primary data, and the data collected from other sources is called secondary data.

There are two methods of data collection.

Direct Method

In this method, the information is collected directly from sources, by visiting different places, etc.

Indirect Method

In this method, the information is collected indirectly, either by contacting different people or from the newspaper, radio, and other media sources.

Here is an example of data.

This is student data collected from their school. The given data has been arranged, according to the number of boys and girls studying in the respective classes.


Class Total Number of Students Boys Girls
1st Class 85 57 28
2nd Class 72 42 30
3rd Class 65 30 35
4th Class 80 47 33
5th Class 80 40 40
6th Class 76 41 35
7th Class 81 41 40
8th Class 90 60 30
9th Class 84 45 39
10th Class 90 53 37

Graphical Representation of Data

We can represent the collected information or the data in different tables and through other graphs.

The graph represented by bars is called a bar graph.

Bar graph

Bar graph

The graph represented with the help of a circle/circular shape is called a pie chart.

Pie chart

Pie chart

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