Our Advancing Steps

After independence, our country has developed a lot in every aspect. Citizens have their own identity, and progress has been seen in agriculture, industries, banking and finance, education and technology, arts and sports, music and entertainment, and in a variety of fields.

The developmental programmes and policies are still in progress with new ideas, developmental programmes and missions.

In this chapter, let us learn about the different objectives of the Skill India Program, the Digital India Program, and the Swach Bharta Abhiyaan.

What is the Skill India Program?

The government launched the Skill India program on the 15th of July 2015 to provide a livelihood to the young generation.

In this program, the youths of today are trained on the traditional production of work. After completing the training, the student will be given a certificate, which will be helpful in his employment, both in India and abroad.

Objectives of Skill India Programs

The main objectives of Skill India Programs are:

  • To make every citizen skilled in their work.
  • This would lead to social and economic development in our country.

What is the Digital India Program?

The government launched the Digital India program on the 7th of August 2014, with the primary goal to connect every citizen to the digital work system.

According to the digital India program, every citizen has to be connected to electronic media, such as computers, laptops, the internet, mobile phones, etc.

Objectives of Digital India Programs

The main objectives of the Digital India programs are:

  • These digitalised services and facilities have made work more accessible.
  • To provide every information and knowledge to the citizen through the internet.
  • With the help of the digital India program, today, every educational institute, banking sector, office is connected through the internet.
  • Digitalised services have reduced unnecessary troubles, corruption, and exploitation through online money transactions in our country.

Swach Bharat Abhiyaan

Swach Bharat Abhiyaan is a clean India movement. This campaign was launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on the 2nd of October 2014 at Rajghat, in New Delhi, with an aim to make India clean, healthy and beautiful.

Swach Ganga Abhiyaan

The government launched the Swach Ganga Abhiyaan program on the 30th of January 2016. The Ganga campaign was started to clean and protect the Ganga river from dirt and pollution.

The river Ganga is the cultural and spiritual identity of our country. Ganga is the oldest and the national river, also known as the lifeline of our country. This river is associated with belief, trust, religious and spiritual sentiments.

Sadly, in the holy Ganga river, people pollute the water by throwing wastages, ashes, taking baths, and washing their clothes.

The river Ganga is holy, and we should save the river from dirt and pollution. Hence, it is our responsibility to maintain its cleanliness and preserve its purity.

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