NIOS Secondary Course Syllabus for Business Studies

Business Studies is an advantageous subject at the secondary level, and this course provides a foundation for those students who wish to continue their higher studies in business. The Business Studies at Secondary Level explains the activities and social responsibilities of business.

NIOS secondary course syllabus for group B – Business Studies has been designed to help students learn, train and engage them in business activities with confidence.

In this syllabus, students learn about the business environment, business activities, scope of business activities developments in the business world, including e-banking, B.P.O., K.P.O. services, the importance of self-employment and more. The entire course has been divided into seven units and twenty chapters, with self-assessment provided at the end of each chapter. The total duration of the lesson plan is for 240 hours, which has been distributed according to the topics and subtopics.

NIOS Secondary Course Syllabus for Business Studies

Students should analyse the syllabus properly before starting with their preparations.

Check the links below for more information about each chapter in the NIOS secondary course syllabus for group B – Business Studies.

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Unit 1: Introduction of Business

Chapter 1: Nature and Scope of Business

Chapter 2: Industry and Commerce

Unit 2: Forms of Business Organization

Chapter 3: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Hindu Undivided Family

Chapter 4: Cooperative Societies and Joint Stock Companies

Unit 3: Service Sector

Chapter 5: Transport Services

Chapter 6: Warehousing Services

Chapter 7: Communication Services

Chapter 8: Postal and Courier Services

Chapter 9: Banking Services

Chapter 10: Insurance

Chapter 11: Outsourcing

Unit 4: Buying, Selling and Distribution

Chapter 12: Purchase and Sale

Chapter 13: Channels of Distribution

Chapter 14: Retail Trade

Chapter 15: Advertising

Chapter 16: Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

Unit 5: Consumer Awareness

Chapter 17: Consumer – Rights and Responsibilities

Chapter 18: Consumer Protection

Unit 6: Career Opportunities in Business

Chapter 19: Choosing a Career

Chapter 20: Entrepreneurship

Unit 7: Practical /Project work

We, at BYJU’S, provide the detailed curriculum for the NIOS secondary course and the mark-wise weightage for every chapter to have a good idea of the exam pattern.


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