NIOS Senior Secondary Course Syllabus for Computer Science

Computer Science is an exciting and demanding field that influences most aspects of today’s life.

Computer Science is an essential subject that is devoted to the study of basic components of the computer, operating system, internet, programming and more.

The syllabus for the senior secondary group F – Computer Science is divided into two units and sixteen chapters, including the practicals. The total duration of the lesson plan is for 144 hours, which has been distributed according to the topics, subtopics and 96 hours for practicals.

NIOS Senior Secondary Course Syllabus for Computer Science

Students should analyse the syllabus properly before they start with their preparations.

Check the links below for more information about each chapter in the NIOS senior secondary course syllabus for group F – Computer Science.

To view the chapter details, click on the relevant link:

Unit 1: Computer Fundamentals

Chapter 1: Anatomy of a Digital Computer

Chapter 2: Data Processing Concept

Chapter 3: Computer Software

Chapter 4: Operating System

Chapter 5: Data Communication and Networking

Chapter 6: Fundamentals of Internet and Java Programming

Unit 2: C++

Chapter 7: Introduction to C++

Chapter 8: General Concept of OOP

Chapter 9: Control Statements

Chapter10: Functions

Chapter 11: Array

Chapter 12: Structure, Typedef and Enumerated Data Type

Chapter 13: Classes and Objects with Constructors/Destructors

Chapter 14: Inheritance Extending Classes

Chapter 15: Pointer

Chapter 16: Files

We, at BYJU’S, provide the detailed curriculum for the NIOS senior secondary course and the mark-wise weightage for every chapter to have a good idea of the exam pattern.


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