NIOS Senior Secondary Course Syllabus for Sociology

Sociology is an essential subject devoted to studying nature, culture, political and economic changes worldwide.

A course in Sociology at the senior secondary level helps students analyse basic concepts in Sociology, social interactions, organisations, change and development in society, knowledge about the development of a good community and more.

The syllabus for the senior secondary Group – F Sociology is divided into five units and thirty-five chapters. The total duration of the lesson plan is for 240 hours, which has been distributed according to the topics, subtopics.

NIOS Senior Secondary Course Syllabus for Sociology

Sociology is considered as another branch of all Social Sciences.

Students should analyse the syllabus properly before they start with their preparations.

Check the links below for more information about each chapter in the NIOS senior secondary course syllabus for Group F – Sociology.

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Unit 1: Sociology: Basic

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Sociology

Chapter 2: Emergence and Development of Sociology

Chapter 3: Sociology: It Relationship with Other Social Sciences

Chapter 4: Methods and Techniques of Research in Sociology

Chapter 5: Social, Community, Association and Institution

Chapter 6: Social Groups

Chapter 7: Social Structure and Social Systems

Chapter 8: Norms and Values

Chapter 9: Status and Role

Chapter 10: Cooperation, Competition and Conflict

Chapter 11: Acculturation, Assimilation and Integration

Unit 2: Social Institutions and Social Stratification

Chapter 12: Marriage

Chapter 13: Family

Chapter 14: Kinship

Chapter 15: Economy, Polity and Religion

Chapter 16: Social Stratification: Differentiation, Hierarchy and Inequality

Unit 3: Socialisation, Social Change and Social Control

Chapter 17: Factors of Social Changes

Chapter 18: Processes of Social Changes

Chapter 19: Socialisation

Chapter 20: Social Control

Chapter 21: Social Deviance

Chapter 22: Society and Environment

Unit 4: Indian Society

Chapter 23: Indian Social Thinkers

Chapter 24: Unity and Diversity

Chapter 25: National Integration: Concept and Challenge

Chapter 26: Indian Society: Tribal, Rural and Urban

Chapter 27: Caste System in India

Chapter 28: Religious Communities in India

Chapter 29: Social Problems of India

Chapter 30: Problems of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

Chapter 31: Problems of Other Deprived Sections

Unit 5(A): Status of Women

Chapter 32: Status of Women in Indian Society: A Socio-Historical Perspective

Chapter 33: Gender Discrimination

Chapter 34: Problems of Women

Chapter 35: Quest for Equality and Women’s Empowerment

Unit 5(B): Culture

Chapter 32: Culture: Concept and Characteristics

Chapter 33: Indian Cultural Heritage

Chapter 34: Cultural Pluralism

Chapter 35: Media and Culture


The last unit, unit 5, has two options, 5 A and 5 B, each with four chapters. Here students have to choose anyone.

We, at BYJU’S, provide the detailed curriculum for the NIOS senior secondary course and the mark-wise weightage for every chapter to have a good idea of the exam pattern.


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