OJEE Syllabus 2023

The OJEE Syllabus for 2023 is available here for the Engineering stream. For each course, the syllabus of the Odisha Joint Entrance Examination (OJEE) 2023 is prepared by the Odisha Joint Entrance Exam Committee. The question paper of the OJEE will be on topics and subjects given in the syllabus. To secure good marks in the entrance exam, it is vital for the candidates to have an in-depth knowledge of the OJEE syllabus. Applicants must understand the exam pattern thoroughly to know the marking scheme, number of questions and topics that might be asked in the exam. Read this article to check the detailed syllabus of the OJEE 2023.

The OJEE 2023 Syllabus for Engineering Stream

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OJEE 2023 Syllabus – Physics

Units Topics
Unit 1 Measurements and Motion
Unit 2 Heat & Thermodynamics
Unit 3 Characteristics of Materials
Unit 4 Liquids
Unit 5 Electricity and Magnetism
Unit 6 Wave Motion
Unit 7 Optics
Unit 8 Optical Instruments
Unit 9 Electronic Devices
Unit 10 Atomic and Nuclear Physics

OJEE 2023 Syllabus – Chemistry

Units Topics
Unit 1 General Behaviour of Matter
Unit 2 Basic Concepts of Chemistry (Atoms and Molecules)
Unit 3 Structure of Atoms and Molecules
Unit 4 Chemical Bonds
Unit 5 Periodic Classification
Unit 6 Chemical Energetics, Equilibrium and Kinetics
Unit 7 Types of Chemical Reactions
Unit 8 Electrochemistry
Unit 9 Surface Chemistry
Unit 10 Metals and Metallurgy
Unit 11 Organic Chemistry
Unit 12 Aliphatic Compounds
Unit 13 Aromatic Compounds
Unit 14 Biochemistry
Unit 15 Chemistry in the Service of Mankind
Unit 16 Environmental Chemistry

OJEE 2023 Syllabus – Mathematics

Units Topics
Unit 1 Logic
Unit 2 Sets, Relation and Function
Unit 3 Number System
Unit 4 Determinants and Matrices
Unit 5 Trigonometry
Unit 6 Coordinate Geometry of Two-Dimensions
Unit 7 Coordinate Geometry of Three-Dimensions
Unit 8 Sequence and Series
Unit 9 Vectors
Unit 10 Differential Calculus
Unit 11 Integral Calculus
Unit 12 Differential Equations
Unit 13 Probability and Statistics

To check the detailed syllabus with topics and subtopics covered in each subject, download the OJEE syllabus PDF from the link given below.

The OJEE 2023 Syllabus for Engineering Stream

Download the PDF Download PDF

OJEE 2023 Exam Pattern

Following the OJEE 2023 exam pattern, candidates obtain an idea of how the exam will be conducted. The exam pattern of the OJEE 2023 explains the details like exam mode, type of questions, marking scheme, duration and other information related to the exam. Applicants having a thorough knowledge of the exam pattern will be able to perform well in the OJEE 2023 exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions on OJEE Syllabus


Who prepares the OJEE syllabus?

The syllabus of the OJEE is prepared by the Odisha Joint Entrance Exam Committee for each course.


Is the OJEE syllabus similar to other MBA exams, like CAT, XAT and CMAT?

No, the sections and number of questions of the OJEE exam are different from CAT, XAT and CMAT.


What is the duration of the OJEE?

The duration of the OJEE is 2 hours.


Can applicants follow CAT books to prepare for the OJEE exam?

Yes, applicants can follow CAT books for the OJEE exam preparation.


Is the syllabus of the MBA and integrated MBA different?

The syllabus of the MBA and integrated MBA is not the same.


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