IBO Olympiad Exam Registration

The International Biology Olympiad is a competitive exam that is held annually for high school students. It is one of the most well-known International Science Olympiads. The first IBO exam was held in Czechoslovakia in 1990, and since then, it has been held every year. Students from 75 nations and five continents participate in the competition. International Academic Olympiads in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics, Astronomy and Biology are held every year. The International Biology Olympiad honours individual accomplishments in theoretical and laboratory biology expertise (IBO). An IBO delegation consists of four students and two academic mentors.

Overview Of the Exam

Among all the Science Olympiads, IBO is one of the most well-known olympiad exams that focus on life science. This exam is for students who are interested in studying anatomy and are familiar with the basic facts of animals and plants and want to pursue a career in biology. Biology is a science with several divisions, including botany, zoology, anatomy, physiology, biotechnology, ecology, immunology, genetics, and microbiology. All of these subjects are covered in the IBO test. A student who has an interest and curiosity in learning about any of these fields of biology can participate in the exam.

Registration for IBO Exam

Students must be under the age of 20 and enrolled in a regular secondary school to apply for the IBO exam. TheNational Standard Examination in Biology is the initial step toward IBO. Students can register for the National Biology Olympiad Exam and qualify by gaining top ranks.

To participate in the IBO exam 2021-22, students must meet the following requirements:

  • One must be a member of the IBO Association to participate in the IBO exam.
  • The National Biology Olympiad (NBO) chooses participants on a regular basis.
  • One must register their country on the IBO exam official website.

The IBO Challenge will have a one-time IBO registration fee of one hundred and fifty Euros. There will be no further charges. Each delegation has a maximum of four students and a minimum of two jurors (there is no maximum number of jurors).

The delegation of a country or area consists of one to four candidates (students chosen by the National Biology Olympiad).

Organisational Registration Standards

The following are the guidelines that an institution or organisation must follow in order to meet the IBO eligibility requirements.

  • To take part in the IBO Challenge, the institution must be a member of the IBO Association.
  • The country must register on the official website of the IBO Challenge.

Student Registration Standards

Students who want to compete in an IBO must be in the top four positions in the National Biology Olympiad (NBO).

  • NBOs select IBO participants in a series of 3-5 increasingly difficult national competition rounds.
  • The four students chosen to compete in the IBO must have competed in and won the final round of their respective National Biology Olympiad (NBO).

Frequently Asked Questions on IBO Exam Registration

What are the registration fees for the IBO Challenge 2021-22?

The IBO Challenge will have a one-time IBO registration fee of one hundred and fifty Euros.

What are the eligibility criteria for the exam?

The eligibility criteria for taking the International Biology Olympiad is to qualify to the first or top-four positions of the National Biology Olympiad conducted every year during the current school year and is open to only secondary school students in general education.

What is the IBO exam pattern?

The IBO exam consists of two sections, the theoretical and practical sectionS. First, the candidate must write the theoretical examination and then face the practical examination. Scores will be given based on their performance in both exams.

How many countries take part in the IBO examination?

Over 70 countries take part in the International Biology Olympiad examination.

Who can participate in the IBO exam?

The top 4 contestants of the National Biology Olympiad are eligible to participate in the IBO exam.

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