INChO Exam Date

One of the most prestigious competitive tests in Chemistry is the Indian National Chemistry Olympiad, which the Indian Association of Chemistry Teachers organises. Every year, the INChO exam is held in the months of January and February. Exams begin around the end of January or the beginning of February. INChO has been administered since 1968. The purpose of the exam is to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of Chemistry. The exam also encourages information exchange and competition by bringing standardisation to the subject of chemistry around the world. The dates for the INChO exam and other exam-related events in 2022-23 are listed here.

Exam Schedule for INChO 2022-23

Due to the obvious reappearance of covid, INBO(Indian National Biology Olympiad) (IOQB Part II) and INChO (IOQC Part II) have been postponed indefinitely.

INChO Exam Registration

Students can register at their school if it is an approved NSE centre. Students may seek help from their school administration in this regard. Students may also register at any local NSE centre if their school does not have one.

  • First, go to INChO’s official website.
  • In the drop-down menu, look for the Olympiad option.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, choose future events.
  • Following that, the students must fill in the required information, such as their date of birth, NSE centre code, and roll number.
  • Students must choose a test centre while registering.

Frequently Asked Questions on INChO Exam Date

How will I get notified of the exam dates in 2022?

The INChO 2022 exam dates will be announced on the HBCSE’s official website. Students should keep an eye on the INChO exam dates in 2022 by visiting the official website.

What does IACT stand for?

The Association of Chemistry Teachers, abbreviated as IACT, is the successor of the Indian Association of Chemistry Teachers. Along with HBCSE, this organisation manages and conducts the Chemistry Olympiad for India. The Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, based in Mumbai, was the driving force behind the formation of this organisation.

Why is it important for students to keep track of exam dates ahead of time?

It should be noted that competitive and international level exams, such as INChO, necessitate a comprehensive preparation strategy. Exam dates cannot be publicised before a month, unlike school-level exams. Students who are taking the Indian National Chemistry Olympiad must design out a strategy that will help them pass the exam. They must assess and analyse when and for how long they will prepare each topic and take numerous practice examinations, among other things. As a result, students must keep track of exam dates in order to plan their exam preparation.

What is the HBCSE’s role?

The Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) is India’s top research and development centre in the fields of science, technology, and mathematics. It serves as India’s nodal centre for all Olympiad programmes, including those in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, and Junior Science.

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