NSEB Result

NSEB exams are held once a year to assess students’ scientific knowledge and provide them with the opportunity to compete in international olympiads. Since the year 2000, the Scientific Community of India has held the National Standard Examination in Biology (NSEB), which is an Olympiad programme. This test attracts between 20000 and 60000 candidates each year. The Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT), the Association of Chemistry Teachers (ACT), and the Association of Teachers in Biological Sciences (ATBS) collaborated to bring out this Olympiad programme.

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The results of the NSEB examination are released on the official website. The National Standard tests for diverse topics such as Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology are held by the IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) in collaboration with the Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education and the Association of Teachers in Biological Sciences. The NSEB results 2022-23 are published on the IAPT’s official website.

Steps to Check NSEB Result 2022-23

The NSEB results are announced on the conducting authority’s official website, iapt.org.in. Students can access their grades by using their username and birth date as passwords. The date of birth should be supplied in the format DD/MM/YYYY. With the results, the IAPT also publishes answer keys. Students who pass the NSEB examinations will be invited to participate in stage 2 of the Indian National Olympiad (INO).

  • Visit the iapt.org.in official website.
  • Open the above-mentioned URL.
  • When you access the official page, you’ll see a link to the NSEB 2022-23 results on the top right, which you may click.
  • Then, as indicated on your application form and IAPT admit card, enter your roll number and date of birth and click submit.
  • The NSEB 2022-23 results will be shown on the screen after submission.
  • All of the information needed to obtain your merit rank on a national level is included in the findings.

NSEB 2021-22 Study Advice

  • The NSEB does not have a set of exams with a particular syllabus. The NSEB syllabus, on the other hand, is similar to the CBSE Class 11 and 12 curricula. Students should ensure that they read the NCERT books rigorously in order to achieve high results in the NSEB tests.
  • Students should first determine their skills and shortcomings before developing a study plan. A timetable, a routine, or a study programme assists students in better managing their time and preparing for tests. It makes certain that vital topics are addressed, and that nothing is left out of the curriculum.
  • Students are urged to take notes on all of the major facts and concepts linked to a topic while learning. This also allows students to prepare for exams at the last minute. Furthermore, writing or scribbling down information while reading is thought to improve memory retention over rote memorization.
  • Solving prior years’ question papers will help students ace the NSEB examinations. Solving previous years’ question papers will assist students in better managing their time and improve their speed.

Frequently Asked Questions on NSEB Result 2022-2023


Where can I get the results of the NSEB?

Students can check the NSEB results on the official website of IAPT: iapt.org.in.

How do I know whether I passed the National Standard Examination in Biology and have qualified for the second stage?

After the results are revealed, the qualifying applicants’ results will be announced at a later date. You are eligible for the next round if your score is 50% of the average, but to see your name on the qualified list, your score must be 80% over the average, which is the minimum permissible score or the merit index to qualify for the next round.

What should I do after passing the National Standard Examination in Biology?

The Indian National Biology Olympiad (INBO) is the next level following the NSEB test. INBO eligibility is entirely determined by one’s performance on the National Standard Examination in Biology, with a minimum allowable score required. The next stage is to earn a certificate if you do not score over the national cut-off and are not in the top 300, but you do well at the state level or in your individual registration location. Any preparation for the NSEB, even if you are not picked for the next round, can benefit you whenever you begin studying for the medical entrance test, if you choose to take it.

What is the number of questions on the NSEB test question paper?

In the NSEB test question paper, students must attempt a total of 80 questions.

Is it necessary to take the NSEB in order to be considered for the INBO?

Yes, passing the NSEB test is a must. Students who pass this exam will advance to the next level, the INBO.