RMO Application Form

The Regional Mathematics Olympiad is an examination held to check the mathematical and analytical skills of the students. RMO Full form is Regional Mathematics Olympiad is the second stage of the olympiad examination after Pre-RMO. Based on their performance in PRMO, around 300 students from Class 8 to Class 11 and 60 students of Class 12 get selected for RMO.

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RMO Registration

The registration for RMO starts soon after the PRMO examination results are out. The registration form will be available on the official website. The candidates must click on the link provided for registration and enter the PRMO roll number and their date of birth. Only the candidates who qualify in the PRMO and are selected for the next round of examination should register for Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO).

RMO Examination Details

This examination is conducted in a small number of centres in the region. The duration of the examination is 3 hours with 6 questions. The examination is conducted in English/Hindi or sometimes in other regional languages. The candidates who get selected through RMO will be attending the training program at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, and later sent for the International Mathematics Olympiad.

RMO Preparation Tips

  • Complete Topic Understanding: The RMO has a specified syllabus but no set structure. You are highly encouraged to fully comprehend the subjects at hand without relying on any one book or teacher as a consequence.
  • Obtain a Comprehensive Knowledge: Emphasize conceptual understanding and the development of the essential skills necessary to solve problems and establish theorems before anything else. In fact, the first few study days should be spent avoiding difficult topics and rereading the information.
  • Practice: Now that you’ve had some experience, it’s time to test your abilities. Spend at least one to two hours doing arithmetic every day for at least five to six months.
  • Memorize Significant Theorems and Results: While memory isn’t one of the RMO’s most important skills, having the key theorems and conclusions at your fingertips will help you save time and energy.
  • Read the Question Carefully: If an issue seems overly simple, it’s a sign that you should proceed with caution and pay closer attention to what you’re reading. The entire test will be a fun battle because Olympiad topics are notorious for their deception
  • Don’t Try Too Hard: Save your time if you have problems answering a question. If time permits, solve the others before returning to the ones you left earlier. Review your responses one last time before turning in the assignment.

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Frequently Asked Questions on RMO Application Form


What exactly is RMO?

The Regional Mathematics Olympiad is the second round of the Mathematical Olympiad, and applicants who qualify for the Pre-Regional Mathematics Olympiad are allowed to compete in it. Candidates who pass the RMO test will be eligible to compete in the Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO).

What is the full form of RMO?

The full form of RMO is Regional Mathematical Olympiad. It is the second stage of the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

How many regions is the RMO carried out in?

RMO is held in 15 areas, each of which hosts the event between November and December. A total of around 30 students from each area qualifies.

Who is eligible to apply for RMO?

Candidates who were born after August 1, 2001 and are Indian nationals are eligible to apply for the RMO test. Students who have received an OCI card are also eligible to take the test. The student’s school postal address determines the area.