Online Classes for Class 12 CBSE, State Board and ICSE Students

When one thinks of joining classes for a better understanding of the concepts and the subjects, one often faces common trouble- opting for and traveling to different classes for different subjects. One thing that is now diminishing this issue is the emergence of online classes. We are offering Online Classes for Class 12 CBSE, State Board, and ICSE students, which will help them score their best and get ready for upcoming challenges. 

Class 12 is the final and the most impactful class of the entire school life. This marks the last stage of schooling and the precursor to one’s college life. Taking this second and last board exam seriously is very important. 

When one applies to colleges, the marks in the 12th are crucial. After graduation, when one applies for a job, even then, Class 10 and Class 12 scores have to be mentioned in the resume. Since the time when CBSE changed the grading system of Class 10 board exams to CGPA, the scores of Class 12 have become an even more vital indicator of one’s academic performance. 

BYJU’S, India’s most loved learning app is offering online classes for Class 12 CBSE, State Board and ICSE students, which are conducted by India’s best teachers. 

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Engaging video lessons, one-on-one mentor guidance, interactive quizzes, adaptive tests, in-depth analysis, and feedback make BYJU’S online classes the most preferred one by students. Explore the linked article to know more about the benefits of our online classes

Here are some points to know about how these online classes work:

  1. Select a Time Slot

  2. After the registration, confirm a time slot for your free class, as per your convenience. 

  1. 1 Hour

  2. All the online classes conducted are 1 hour long. 

  1. Join and Learn

  2. Join the class on time and learn from the most expert teachers in the nation.

  1. Clarify Doubts

  2. Instantly clarify your doubts with your teacher through the online class.

  1. Revise

  2. No learning is complete without practicing. Revise your concepts after class through the homework that is provided by the teachers.

Proper guidance in the most important stage of your school life can support you to achieve good scores in Class 12 and help you in realizing your future goals. Be at your best through our online classes.

If you are looking out for the most comprehensive, authentic, and reliable online classes for Class 12, your search ends here. Kickstart your learning journey with us by registering for a FREE Demo Class today!