Online Tutoring - Purpose & Benefits

Online tutoring is the process of tutoring in a virtual environment in which teachers and students connect to each other from different locations through an online medium. Online tutoring is ideally a reflection of the diverse uses of the Internet, which is practiced by distinct sets of users.

Purpose of Online Tutoring

Online tuition is considered one of the best options to address all sorts of educational problems for middle and high-school students. Tutoring is an effective process which bridges the gap between a student and all that he/she learns in school. The various subjects of CBSE and ICSE Boards often include complex topics for which students need to opt for online tutoring in order to understand the difficult concepts easily.

Online tutoring plays a vital role in shaping the academic life of a student who is comfortable using a computer and the internet wisely. As a matter of fact, online tuitions are quite convenient as they help in saving time, energy and conveyance cost of both the students and the tutors.

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Benefits of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring can be an ideal choice both for the students and tutors. Here are some of the advantages of online tutoring which play a significant role in the academic life of a student:

1. Familiarises students to difficult concepts/topics:

Students who have a tough time understanding difficult topics need to rely on online tuitions for better clarity on the subject. For instance, a student X who is comparatively weak in Advanced Mathematics might not be able to understand the topic like his/her other classmates. He/She might feel cursed with the topic for lagging behind. It is here that online tutoring can help the student to cope up with difficult topics which call for more attention.

2. Provides immediate help for home assignments:

Some students need instant help for completing homework as these assignments have a partial impact on their grades. An online tutor helps students to understand complex topics with ease and reduce the stress level of students. As a result, students are in a better position to complete the homework on time and maintain pace and focus in their studies.

3. Provides guidance to cope up with exam pressure:

Often there are students who are inclined to feel stressed and become anxious during term exams due to performance pressure. They feel stressed as they need to retain both complex and simple topics all at once during the exams. As a result, they do not realize that this tension might impact their performance during the exams.

Online tutoring which is easily accessible can help students to prepare for complex topics with ease and help them in maintaining composure during the exams. A student who has strong conceptual knowledge is more likely to stay confident during the exams and score well.

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