Why Is Online Tuition Better Than Offline Tuition?

Do you want your child to have a comprehensive understanding of lessons and score good marks? Your search ends here. Given the digitalization of the education system, parents are going the extra mile to ensure their children are receiving quality education. There is a decline in traditional tuition sessions as more and more children are moving to online tuitions. Online tuition is the best channel that offers the use of the latest methods and technologies in education and allows children to learn better rather than mere memorisation of the syllabus.

With the growing popularity of online tuition, which offers an array of benefits such as personalised classes, time management, a better understanding of concepts and regular assessments, etc. most parents are opting for learning through online channels. Online tuition bridges the knowledge gap for children and complex concepts are easily explained by the online teacher, who is able to devote more time and attention to the learners and clears their doubts immediately.

Online Tuition or Offline Tuition: Which is More Effective?

Online tuition classes are structured and imparted based on the learning capacity of children. In comparison to traditional classes, online tuition has its own perks. In this article, we discuss five reasons why BYJU’S Online Tuition is more effective than offline tuition sessions. Let’s begin:

1. Better retention of concepts: When you incorporate online learning in your child’s study routine, they learn by interacting with teachers through educational videos. These videos are enriched with simple tips and real-life examples to impart effective learning among children. In traditional classroom sessions, a child learns from textbooks alone, whereas online tuition promotes a better understanding of concepts among them as they are able to visualize the questions, understand the concepts better and retain it in their minds for a longer period.

2. Learn from experienced teachers: Teachers who impart offline lessons at school have limited sessions and are bound to cover the entire syllabus within a stipulated time period. In this haste, a child is often unable to grasp complex concepts in order to maintain pace along with the rest of the class or they might lag behind. On the contrary, online tuition is an effective medium for children to learn and revise lessons from time to time. At BYJU’S, we engage the country’s best teachers for your child’s learning. Our teachers are highly experienced and well-trained professionals who impart lessons to the children on the basis of their learning capacity and do not pressurize learners unnecessarily. They resolve queries of children, as and when they arise without delay.

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3. Flexible time schedule: When your child learns through live online sessions, they are able to schedule the class, as per the available time slots. The online courses are structured as per the curriculum and children have access to the recorded video lectures, when revising their concepts on any given topic. On the other hand, traditional teaching in classrooms does not have this privilege for children where they can go back home and revise concepts which they missed understanding in class.

4. Saves time and cost: In online classes, children enjoy the luxury of saving their time and travelling expenses, which they incur while attending classes in coaching centres. The time that they save could be productively utilized by them in revising concepts of complex chapters and address their queries to the teachers immediately. Offline classes do not have this benefit as your child might need to travel back and forth long distances to reach the coaching centres, which wastes time, energy and additional resources.

5. Promotes self-discipline: Online tuition is the most effective way of learning as it promotes a sense of discipline and responsibility among children. At BYJU’S, we encourage our children to learn complex concepts using simple methods of learning. As a result, this develops their interest and they are more inclined to learn and understand how to solve complex problems by using different methods. On the other hand, offline learning creates a dependency in children on their teachers to solve problems.

As competition continues to surge in the educational arena, parents and teachers in the schools are unable to devote personalised attention to their children. Online tuition plays a vital role in providing the right amount of attention and resources to children who wish to excel in their exams and score well. Offline learning is restricted in nature and does not offer such a wide range of benefits as online tuition.

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As the trend of digitalization continues, most children and parents are opting for online tuition with the help of smartphones and tablets. Currently, online tuition has a competitive advantage over offline classes that will go a long way in shaping the career of children and help them in having a fulfilling learning experience. And, if you are looking for the best online tuition for your child’s bright academic career, look no further! BYJU’S Classes brings to you the best tuition classes, which are imparted by the best teachers in India.

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