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BYJU’s has been an excellent experience for me. The teachers at BYJU’s has always given me the confidence to achieve my goals. Their unique style of teaching and explaining the subjects make every concept simple and easy.

“BYJU’S helped me clear my doubts in science & mathematics. The BYJU’S faculty is very good. Studying on this app is super fun and this has helped me perform better in my exams. Thank You BYJU’S!!!”
“The video lessons on BYJU’S app are my favorite. It has helped me a lot to understand hard topics in an easy way. The teachers are also very helpful and has taught me interesting shortcut tricks to crack maths problems. This app makes me want to study more.”
I have been using the learning app for a long period of time now. The concepts, illustrations and overall explanations are very detailed and second to none. The app has helped me nail the basics to perfection. It is just perfect for us and I just can’t stop loving this app!
“Priscilla and I are excited about BYJU’s. We are optimistic about personalized learning and the difference BYJU’S can make for students everywhere. That’s why it’s a major focus of our education efforts, and we are looking forward to working with companies like BYJU’s to get learning tools into the hands of more students and teachers around the world.”
“Byju is a brilliant person. He has built a pedagogy on basic principles as building blocks. He understands the role of tech in learning. He has enormous passion and energy and is possibly the foremost entrepreneur in edtech in India. Among all the hundreds of EdTech startups in India, Byju Raveendran is the only one to have cracked the problem and built up scale.”
“At Sequoia we have always partnered with people with disruptive ideas and big vision. What excites us about Byju is not just the market potential but also his sheer commitment and passion to democratize access to education in India in a way that’s never been done before.”
“What they (BYJU’S) did well was video-based learning, and their mobile app, this has been a big success. They also got their fundamentals right, they got the right teachers.”

Sharada, 12th Standard
Mohammed Ishaan, 10th Standard
Sachit Gowda, 6th Standard
Trisha Chander, 9th Standard
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO, Facebook
TV Mohandas Pai, Chairman of Manipal Global Education
G V Ravishankar, MD,Sequoia Capital India Advisors
Narayanan Ramaswamy, Head of education practice at KPMG India

App for Young Super Heroes

  • Learn with engaging Videos from India’s best teachers
  • Practice to perfection with chapter-wise tests with feedback and analysis
  • Master concepts through customized adaptive learning modules which will make you even better
  • Challenge your peers over Quizzo (India’s Largest Math & Science Quiz App)
  • Compete nationally with the National School Challenge
  • Analyze with real time progress updates, in-depth solutions, feedback & recommendations

App for Cute Little Kids

  • Learn from fun bite sized videos from India’s best teachers
  • Play games and practice math concepts in a fun and easy way
  • Develop deep understanding of math concepts with fun interactives
  • Visualize and learn math concepts from real life examples
  • Grow your math knowledge & earn Brain Power points!


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  1. this app is very nice it helps with my studies

  2. BYJU’S app was the best app for me it helped me soo much in maths, especially .

  3. Thank you for providing the free online classes for students at this hour of COVID-19 crisis. This gesture of yours is well appreciated. It is supporting my daughter’s education immensely. She is currenlty enjoying her studies through your excellent trainers. It would be ungrateful from my part if I miss to thank you and your team for this immense contribution to the society. May God bless you.

  4. good for studying

  5. BYJU S Helped me learn more and i love it

  6. BYJU’S is very useful because I can understand concept quickly and now I don’t play video games I play the fun,educational games in BYJU’S your you’re the best learning app


  7. BYJU’S is an excellent app and has helped me a lot in academics.
    It has improved my interests in Maths and Science. It’s quite helpful.

  8. Byjus is the best. I bought it from 5th standard and its amazing. I really fell in love with learning!

  9. i love byjus class i enjoyed a lot

  10. Byjus is the best learning app the teachers are explaining hard concepts into very easy ones and i am having fun by playing games that will help me understand things better i am sure this is the best education method ever

  11. BYJU’S is very useful because I can understand concept quickly and now I don’t play video games I play the fun,educational games in BYJU’S your you’re the best learning app

  12. I love Byjus it makes the concept easy and understandable. It makes simple using animations as well.