Oxalate Chemical Formula

Incomplete oxidation of carbohydrates in plants leads to the synthesis of oxalate. Many metal ions when it reacts with oxalate forms insoluble precipitates. Oxalates are also capable of forming coordination compounds. Calcium oxalate is one of the commonly seen examples in oxalates. The primary constituent of the most common kind of oxalate found in the human body is kidney stones.

Properties Of Oxalate

Chemical formula C2O4 -2 or (COO)22-
Molecular weight 88.018 g/mol
Solubility in Water 1e+006 mg/L at 25 deg C
Chemical names oxalate


Oxalate Ion

Ethanedioic acid, ion(2-)

Oxalic Acid Dianion

Oxalate Structural Formula

Oxalate is a dianion with structural formula as shown below.

Oxalate Structural Formula

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