Ph Formula

pH is measure of the amount of hydrogen ion activity (H+in solution, and therefore its alkalinity or acidity. Even though pH is a unitless value but it is not a random scale.  The value is due to the activity of H+ ion in the solution. pH is described as “the negative of the logarithm of the molar hydronium-ion concentration.”

pH Formula is expressed as

pH Formula -1


The pH Formula can also be expressed as


PH Formula -2

pH Formula Related Problems

Problem 1: Find out the pH of the solution in which the concentration of hydronium ion is 8.0 ×10-8M.


The hydronium ion concentration is 8.0 × 10-8M

PH Formula -1

pH = – log[8.0 × 10-8]

pH = 7.09



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  1. 1. Which Chemical element is highest pH values?
    2. Which Chemical element is lowest pH values?

    and give the brifely explanation…

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