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The Power with Displacement Calculator is an online tool that calculates the value of power with respect to force, displacement and time. BYJU’S Power Calculator with displacement makes it easy to solve problems in a simple and quick manner. This calculator not only helps to find the value of power but also we can compute the value of force or displacement or time, provided the other quantities are known.

What is Power with Displacement?

Power with respect to displacement states the amount of work done with a force to cause the displacement of the object in a particular time. Power is defined as the rate of the work done. It is denoted by symbol ‘P’. The unit of power is Watt (W).

Power Formula

If F is the force applied, T is the time taken and D is the displacement of the object, then power required to displace the object is given by:

Power = (Force x Displacement)/Time

P = (F x D)/T

Also, if we have to find the other quantities, then we can use the below given formulas.

Force, F = P x T/D

Displacement, D = P x T/F

Time, T = F x D/P

How to find Power with Displacement Calculator?

To find the power with respect to displacement using the calculator, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Enter the value of force, displacement and time in the respective input fields

Step 2: Mention x in the input field for Power

Step 3: Click the “Calculate the unknown” button to get the required result

Step 4: The value of power will appear in the output field


Find the value of Power if:

Force = 7N

Displacement = 10 meter

Time = 30 s


Given, F = 7N, D = 10m, T = 30 s

Therefore, power P = (F x D)/T

P = (7 x 10)/30 = 70/30 = 7/3

P = 2.33 W


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