Punjab Board Class 1 Syllabus

PSEB has designed the Punjab Board Class 1 Syllabus accurately covering all the topics, which are taught in class 1. Class 1 of Punjab Board is the basis for all other classes and subjects taught in this is very important. Students need to learn the syllabus thoroughly and get good marks in class 1 and this will help them to do well in further classes as well. Here you can find the downloadable link of PSEB Class 1 Syllabus.

Download PSEB Class 1 Syllabus PDF in Punjabi

The syllabus will tell the students what they are being taught in class and give details of the topics under each subject. Here at BYJU’S students can easily download not just the syllabus but other free study materials that can help them to prepare better for the exams.

Practise This Question

Match the following:
Column IColumn IIp. Gene flowi. Transfer of alleles from one population to anotherq. Bottleneck effectii. A change in the frequency of alleles mainlydue to chance eventsr. Founder effectiii. A sharp lowering of a population’s genepool due to natural disasterss. Genetic driftiv. A few members of the original populationcolonise a new location away from the old