Science Syllabus for 10th Class by Punjab Board | 2018-19

Science is everywhere. It is in everything we see/do/touch. Acquiring scientific knowledge helps us to apply it in various aspects of daily life to increase the standard of living of our society contributing to our economic growth and hence global exposure. It catches the interest of people and youngsters in particular since it finds relevance. It is present in different forms: right from waking up in the morning to ringing of an alarm, reading time on the watch, checking your phone for updates, looking up for recipes in the kitchen, using different cooking appliances, eating food and then its digestion, using your vehicle/public transport to commute to work/school etc. it can go and on.

Significance of science in our lives

Let us have a brief look at the importance of science:

  • Important for understanding of natural phenomena
  • Provides knowledge to develop new technologies, solve applied problems, and make decisions.
  • Acquiring knowledge helps come with accurate information for scientific processes
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills are improved
  • Science aims at understanding different natural occurrences and explaining them
  • Gaining scientific knowledge proves to be a panacea for the cure of ills

Need for syllabus

  • Serves as a fundamental tool for reference
  • Effective planning document
  • States expectations from a particular unit
  • Eases out the job of teachers to come up with various pedagogical methods for a unit
  • Outlines for students: a frame, learning outcome and goal for a chapter they are studying
  • Proven to be instrumental in cracking exams with good results
  • Helps in time management for both students and teacher

To access science syllabus for class 10 by the Punjab board(PSEB) for the academic year 2018-19, click on the link below

Punjab board 10th Class Science Syllabus

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