Punjab Board Class 2 Books- Maths, English and Punjabi

Punjab Board Class 2 books – Maths, English and Punjabi is considered to be a reliable source of information while preparing for the exam. The textbook of Maths mainly includes addition and subtraction, multiplication, etc. English includes reading comprehension and Punjabi language textbook teaches their cultural stories, heritage, etc. In this stage, students continue to develop their literacy skills as they begin to learn new things, words, vocabulary, etc.

PSEB Class 2 Books 2021-22

These PSEB Class 2 textbooks of Maths, English and Punjabi are well-designed according to the updated curriculum. Students should be well-prepared with their respective subject-wise textbook so that they can write the exam confidently. These PSEB Class 2 Books explain all the important concepts of the respective subjects using simple language, thus making it easy for the students to revise it thoroughly.

From the table below, parents can download the pdf of Punjab Board Class 2 books – Maths, English and Punjabi Language Textbook.

Download PSEB Class 2 Books – Maths, English and Punjabi Language Textbook PDF


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