Punjab Board Class 3 Syllabus

Punjab Board Class 3 Syllabus is very effective for the students to learn a subject thoroughly, as it is designed keeping in mind the tender age and learning capability of class 3 students. The PSEB Textbooks prescribed as per the syllabus explains every concept or topic in a very simple manner, so that children can easily understand it. PSEB Class 3 Syllabus is useful for those who wish to score good marks in school exams.

To prepare well for exams, students can click on the PDF link and download the Class 3 syllabus of Punjab Board. It will be available in Punjabi language. Referring to the PSEB Class 3 Syllabus of all subjects for the current academic year as provided here will help to study well for the final exams.

PSEB Class 3 Syllabus 2021-22 PDFs Download

Find also the complete PSEB Class 3 syllabus for all the subjects as per the previous academic year.

Download PSEB Class 3 Syllabus PDF 2020-21 in Punjabi

Students can also learn more about the Punjab Board study materials or other useful resources at BYJU’S. Stay tuned for interactive and effective video lessons as well.

Students can also find study material for higher classes like the pseb 10th model test paper from here. Find the pseb ac in 10th syllabus, as well. 


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