Punjab Board Class 6 Maths Syllabus

Among all the academic subjects that students pursue in primary education, Maths is both important and perceived to be tough to understand. It is important because the fundamentals learnt during the primary years play a crucial role in understanding more complex concepts during the later years. It is perceived to be tough because inherently the subject is abstract. Punjab Board Class 6 Maths Syllabus gives us an insight into how the state education board aims to tackle this situation.

Maths syllabus for Class 6 of Punjab Board introduces the students to Algebra and Geometry for the first time. Basics of geometric constructions such as drawing lines and angles are covered under Practical Geometry.

Another field of Maths that students are introduced to is Statistics. Basic statistical concepts bar graphs and pictographs will be taught for Class 6 students. They also learn to interpret these graphs and extract the necessary information.

Maths Syllabus:

Knowing Our Numbers

Whole Numbers

Playing With Numbers

Basic Geometrical Ideas

Understanding Elementary Shapes




Data Handling



Ratio and Proportion


Practical Geometry

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