Punjab Board Class 6 Social Science Textbook 2021-22

Punjab Board Class 6 Social Science textbook is designed keeping in mind the learning ability of the students. The textbook is divided into three units – Geography, History and Social and Political Life Civics. Students should start their exam preparation by reading from the PSEB Class 6 textbook as it will help them to improve their performance. The complete course structure is mentioned in the Social Science textbook, along with chapter names and activities. It provides in-depth knowledge of the topics which help students to grasp the concepts efficiently. PSEB Class 6 Social Science textbook is one of the best resources to revise all the key highlights of the subject and prepare for the final exams.

PSEB Class 6 Social Science Textbook 2021-22

Whenever students have any doubts related to any topic, they should refer to their Punjab Board Class 6 textbook of Social Science. With the help of subject-matter experts, the textbook is prepared as per the updated syllabus. Here, from the table below, students can download PDF of PSEB Class 6 Social Science textbook.

Here, in this article we have provided the PDF link to access the Punjab Board 6th Class Science book and the list of Chapters that have been divided into sections of History, Geography and Civics.

Download Punjab Board Class 6 Social Science Textbook PDF

Punjab Board Class 6 Social Science Textbook 2021-22

Chapter-wise names of Punjab Board Class 6 Social Science Textbook

Unit I: Geography: The Earth – Our Habitat

  • Chapter 1: Earth – As a member of Solar System
  • Chapter 2: Globe – The model of the Earth
  • Chapter 3: Motions of the Earth
  • Chapter 4: How Maps help us
  • Chapter 5: Realms of the Earth
  • Chapter 6: Our India – In World
  • Chapter 7: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife of India

Unit II: History: People and Society in the Ancient Period

  • Chapter 8: Study of Ancient History -Sources
  • Chapter 9: Early Man: The Stone Age
  • Chapter 10: The Harappan Civilization
  • Chapter 11: The Vedic Age
  • Chapter 12: India: From 600 BC – 400 BC
  • Chapter 13: The Mauryas and The Sungas
  • Chapter 14: India – From 200 BC – 300 BC
  • Chapter 15: The Gupta: Empire
  • Chapter 16: The Period of Harshavardhana (600-650 AD)
  • Chapter 17: The Chalukyas and the Pallavas
  • Chapter 18: India and the World

Unit III: Social and Political Life Civics: Community and its Development

  • Chapter 19: Community meets Human needs
  • Chapter 20: Rural Development and Local Self Government
  • Chapter 21: Urban Development – Local Self Development
  • Chapter 22: Public Property and its Protection


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