Punjab Board Class 9 Maths Model Question Paper

Students who are preparing for the Class 9 exams, usually go through various textbooks, previous year papers and other resources as prescribed by the Punjab Board. While preparing they realise that Maths is a challenging subject and requires a lot of practice. This is where they find the Punjab Board Class 9 Maths Model Question Paper the most effective resource. Students can practise these PSEB 9th Class Sample Paper and get acquainted with the oft repeated question types or the topics often covered in the final exams.

PSEB 9th Class Sample Paper

Students who solve the sample paper feel very confident to face the exams, as they get an idea about the exam pattern and question types. They also understand the subject more easily with the help of these Sample papers. These PSEB 9th Class Maths sample papers are also designed in accordance with the format of the final exam papers.

Students should solve all the questions given in the model paper. Through this they will also get to learn time management skills. In case any of the questions given in the sample papers provided are from the deleted portions of the latest PSEB syllabus for the current academic year, students can avoid those and solve the other questions for more practise. This will help the students to face the exams more confidently.

Here, in this article, we provide the links to access the PSEB 9th Class Sample Paper of Maths – Set 1 with its solutions.

Download PDFs of PSEB Class 9 Sample Paper for Maths and Its Solution

Students can download the PDFs of the Punjab Board Class 9 Maths Sample Question Paper and its solution from the table below:

PSEB Class 9 Maths Model Paper- Set 1
PSEB Class 9 Maths Model Paper- Set 1 Solutions

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