Rajasthan Class 8 Question Paper

Students who are aiming to score good marks in the annual exam of Rajasthan board class 8 should practice RBSE question papers. Rajasthan 8th board model paper is also the best medium to evaluate your preparation level as well as for doing a revision of whatever you have learned till now.

Just blindly solving the same types of questions will lead you nowhere. You should practice different types of questions. It will give a new way of tackling the problems. Through this, your analytical skills will also develop. The Rajasthan 8th board model paper also comes in real handy for this.

Along with the previous year question papers, students can download sample question papers from the table provided below. The sample question papers are prepared according to the syllabus. By solving these sample question papers, students can practice different types of questions which help them score good marks in their exam.

Rajasthan Class 8 Question Paper

You will find the Annual question papers for Rajasthan Board Class 8 Exam. You can download Rajasthan Class 8 Science, Maths, English, Hindi and Social Science Question Papers from the link provided below.

Rajasthan Board Class 8 Maths Question Paper
Rajasthan Board Class 8 Science Question Paper

Question Papers PDF to be added soon! Stay tuned for the latest update. 

Rajasthan Class 8 Sample Question Papers

How to Solve the Rajasthan Class 8 Question Paper?

Solving the hundreds of question papers will not give you an effective result. Instead of this solving 5-6 question papers with sincerity will help you access your performance. When you are solving the Rajasthan Class 8 Question Paper, then the numbers of question papers will not count instead of how effectively you have solved the papers will help you to score well.

Here are some of the points that you should follow while practising from Rajasthan Class 8 Previous years Question Papers:

  1. Stick to the timings. Solve the paper as per the timing mentioned on it
  2. Do not cheat. Be honest with yourself.
  3. Check your paper by yourself.
  4. Give marks to the correct answer & deduct for the wrong one.

Do let us know your scores in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updates on Rajasthan Class 8 Board Exam. Keep Learning & don’t forget to download the BYJU’S App for more interesting study videos.

Stay tuned and get more reference material like the Rajasthan state textbook board from BYJU’S. 



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