RBSE Solutions For Class 10 Science Chapter 17: Search of Life Outside Earth | Textbook Important Questions & Answers

RBSE Class 10 Science textbook solutions of Chapter 17 help students to know a better way of representing their answers, which will help them in scoring high marks in the annual exam. Whenever students find themselves stuck somewhere, they can refer to these solutions. These solutions are created by subject experts. The answers are provided in steps so that students can avail the benefit of step marking during the exam. These RBSE Class 10 solutions clear students’ doubts and also give in-depth knowledge about different topics. These solutions will improve the quality of the answers the students write in the exam, as they will start using a logical approach and methodology while answering the questions.

RBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 17: Objective Textbook Questions and Solutions

Q1. The word Alien means

(A) Jadu

(B) Organism outside the Earth

(C) Complex Organism

(D) Organism similar to cow

Answer: B

Q2. Life is possible outside the Earth

(A) On any star

(B) Anywhere

(C) On planet similar to Earth

(D) On any planet

Answer: C

Q3. First spacecraft to move outside the solar system was-

(A) Chandrayaan-2

(B) Mangalyaan

(C) Pioneer -1

(D) Pioneer- 10

Answer: D

Q4. Instruments used for listening to the murmuring in the universe-

(A) Radio telescope

(B) Telescopes

(C) Microscopes

(D) None of these

Answer: A

Q5. From which place can you see the sunrise 15 times a day?

(A) At pole

(B) At international space station

(C) At mars

(D) At moon

Answer: B

RBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 17: Very Short Answer Type Textbook Questions and Solutions

Q6. Which place is the living place for humans outside the earth?

Answer: International Space Station is the living place for humans outside the earth.

Q7. Which organism has given rise to the danger of global warming?

Answer: Humans have given rise to the danger of Global warming. Global warming is a gradual increase in the earth’s temperature generally due to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs and other pollutants.

Q8. The physical environment of the earth and the organisms living on earth together form a system. What is this phenomenon called?

Answer: This phenomenon is called Gaiyn Hypothesis

Q9. During the origin of the earth, the environment was very hot and explosive. How much time did it took to cool down?

Answer: It took about one billion years to cool down.

RBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 17: Short Answer Type Textbook Questions and Solutions

Q10. How many planets similar to the earth can exist in our galaxy the milky way?

Answer: In the Milky way galaxy, there are about 1 billion solar systems. Among them many have some earth-like planets. It is believed that these planets have suitable environments to sustain life. Hence, these planets hold the possibility of life.

Q11. What is the meaning of the word Alien?

Answer: The organisms outside the earth are called Aliens. Scientists assume that molecules which created life on the earth are available in plenty in different parts of the universe. Hence, the possibility of alien life is pretty high. Alien life may be more developed or even less developed, compared to the variety of life on earth.

Q12. According to Darwin, how did the first organism originate on earth?

Answer: It was clear from the various theories that the Earth originated as a hot solid ball and cooled down slowly, then gradually its environment was formed. Simple compounds were formed by the association of the elements present in the atmosphere and then more complex compounds were formed from them. These compounds had life based atoms such as water, amino acids, nucleic acids, etc. The condensation of these atoms accidentally originated in the first organism. The first organism through the bio-evolution gave birth to all the animals and humans.

Q13. What were the scientists scared of during the launching of the pioneer-10?

Answer: Scientists were scared that due to any wrong notion, the life outside earth would attack people on the Earth. Pioneer -10 spacecraft was to pass by Jupiter and then go out of our solar system. The fear was that during its infinite journey, pioneer-10 would come in contact with some developed civilizations. The developed civilization could consider pioneer-10 as an attack over them from the people of the Earth and would retaliate us.

Q14. What do you mean by creative and destructive forces?

Answer: Constructive forces are those forces which facilitate creation and sustenance of life on a celestial body whereas destructive forces are forces which do not facilitate creation or sustenance of life on a celestial body.

Q15. Define satellite.

Answer: An object orbiting around the sun, earth or any other colossal body is known as a satellite. There are two major types of categorization when it comes down to satellites, one is natural and the other is man-made. Some of the examples of natural satellites are planets, moons and comets. Jupiter has 67 natural satellites. The earth has one permanent natural satellite, the moon which causes the tides in the sea. Sometimes other objects (like asteroids) can enter into temporary orbits of the earth and become a natural satellite for a span.

Q16. What is the second research goal after planet Earth?

Answer: The second goal of space research after Earth is the moon. Moon has been attracting humans since ancient times. Human beings have been successful in landing automated machines and humans on its surface to study it. To encourage tourism outside the earth, mining of helium 3 on the moon and bringing it back to earth and to use moon as a station for the journey of deep space are matters of human interest.

Q17. What are artificial satellites?

Answer: Artificial satellites are manmade and are launched from earth’s surface in order to meet a specific purpose, which may be weather forecasting, remote sensing etc. Hence, they revolve in orbits that are much closer to earth than that of the moon. Artificial satellites provide information about the earth surface and about the atmosphere of the earth, these information can not be obtained on the surface of the earth.

Q18. Explain the reason for growth and development of life on the Earth?

Answer: The reason for growth and development of life on the earth is the radiation coming from the sun on the earth. The amount of the flow of this radiation is not always the same but it keeps on changing. They have an effect on communication satellites. So the study of the sun from outside the Earth’s atmosphere is being done by sending spacecraft. India is also preparing to study the Sun by sending the space craft, The Aditya.

Q19. What are the uses of artificial satellites?

Answer: Artificial satellites are man-made objects that orbit the Earth and other planets in the Solar System. Soviet Sputnik 1 mission was the first artificial satellite that was launched in 1957. Some of the common uses of artificial satellites are as follows:

  • They are used in communication
  • They are used in weather forecasting system
  • They are used in GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • They are used to transport instruments and passengers to the space to perform experiments

Q20. Define ISRO.

Answer: ISRO or Indian Space Research Organisation is India’s space agency founded in 1969 to help develop an indigenous Indian space programme. It is one of the 6 largest space agencies in the world today. ISRO maintains one of the biggest fleets of remote sensing (IRS) and communication (INSAT) satellites catering to the needs of the nation through a network of centres, offices and research institutes in different parts of the country. ISRO functions in the following areas: broadcasting, weather forecasting, disaster management, geographic information systems, navigation, cartography (maps), telemedicine, distance education satellites, etc. ISRO is headquartered in Bengaluru.

Q21. Define International Space Station.

Answer: The International space station is the satellite set up in the lower orbit of the earth. This is the largest artificial structure present in the orbit of the Earth. It can also be seen from the earth without a telescope. Before sunrise and after sunset it is seen as a white moving point. On an almost circular path it maintains a distance of 330 to 435 kilometers from the earth. It completes more than 15 revolutions of earth in a day.

Q22. In India when was space research started?

Answer: Space research in India started in 1948 as a physical research laboratory in Ahmedabad. India will soon make Chandrayaan-2 send it into the orbit of the moon and will land one vehicle on the surface of the moon. The machine engaged in this vehicle will check the surface of the moon and send information back to India. India is also planning to send Adityayaan to study the sun.

Q23. Which are the things done by Russia firstly into space?

Answer: Russia was the first country to send the first organism into space, landed the first human in space (Yuri Gagarin), first space walk, landing unnamed spaceship on any space object, establishing of space station, Salute-1 etc. In July 1969, America landed first human on moon and tried to show that it had outclassed Russia.

Q24. How is the communication system dependent on artificial satellites today?

Answer: Today the communication system of the world has become fully based on artificial satellites. If the internet does not work properly, business activities along with television will come to a halt. By spying on other countries and by destroying the artificial satellite of another country they can be in economic crisis. It has resulted in military importance of artificial satellites.

Q25. What is the third subject of human interest in space?

Answer: The third subject of human interest in space is the planet Mars. Information is being collected about Mars by sending vehicles in its orbit. The surface of Mars is also being studied by landing automated equipment on its surface. There is no confirmed information about whether there is a subtle life on Mars. A private organization called Mars-1 is preparing for a unilateral journey to settle people on Mars. The target is 2030, but due to economic reasons the work is on halt.

Q26. What are asteroids?

Answer: Asteroids can also be called minor planets of the inner solar system. There are millions of asteroids in the asteroid belt. More than 750,000 are found in the asteroid belt, which is located between Jupiter and Mars. Asteroids can be as wide as hundreds of kilometres. Most asteroids are made of rocks, but with the latest exploration some are found to be composed of iron and nickel. Asteroids don’t have any atmosphere, but because of its enormous size, they exert a gravitational pull. According to experts, a few asteroids have one or two companion moons and two similarly sized asteroids orbit each other.

Q27. Why are private companies now taking interest in space?

Answer: The objective of the private companies is to trade with space tourism. Google has encouraged this by announcing the Lunar X awards. Team Indus prepared in 2017 to win the prize by fulfilling the conditions by landing the robot on the surface of the Moon. A private company Moon Express has obtained permission from NASA to start the service from the Earth to the Moon.

RBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 17: Essay Type Textbook Questions and Solutions

Q28. What was the man’s imagination about the organisms outside the earth during the launch of pioneer-10. What steps were taken to be safe from the assumed danger?

Answer: In the year 1972 when pioneer-10 was launched, it was very much believed that highly developed life existed out of the earth. At that time, scientists were scared that due to any wrong notion, the life outside earth would attack people on the Earth. Pioneer -10 spacecraft was to pass by Jupiter and then go out of our solar system. The fear was that during its infinite journey, pioneer-10 would come in contact with some developed civilizations. The developed civilization could consider pioneer-10 as an attack over them from the people of the Earth and would retaliate us. To remove this misconception, a plate was placed on pioneer-10 depicting male and female in a friendly posture and in sign language, a message was written about pioneer- 10 being sent from the earth. As planned pioneer-10 completed its mission successfully and no traces of life elsewhere were found.

Q29. Assume yourself to be in International space station and describe your daily routine?


Q30. Explain the current scientific thinking about life outside the Earth. What is your view?

Answer: According to the new scientific research there are a billion worlds like earth in our galaxy. There are about 100 billion galaxies in the universe which have been seen till now. NASA’s senior scientist Alen Stophen said that today the people of earth have very strong evidence that they will find life outside the earth in the coming decade. There is no reason to doubt Alen Stophen as the virtual solar laboratories and remote sensing devices present in space have greatly increased human understanding, as compared to the earlier times.

It is believed in the scientific world that in space, life is present in abundance. In the form of micro- organisms it continuously comes on the earth. It is also believed that life did not originate on earth. Life on Earth came from outer space in a subtle form. The claims of life coming from space have been claimed but have not been fully certified till now.

Life can be found outside the earth, but the possibility of it in a developed form as on earth is negligible. For the origin of life on an object like Earth, there is no need for the environment to be worthy of life. After being originated, for the continuity and development of life, it is necessary to have an environment which supports life. After the origin of life, to make the environment of the object life sustaining and to keep the environment continuously in that form is very difficult.

Q31. Explain the importance of satellites in details?

Answer: The importance of satellites are:

  • Satellites send television signals directly to homes, but they also are the backbone of cable and network TV.
  • Satellites provide in-flight phone communications on airplanes, and are often the main conduit of voice communication for rural areas and areas where phone lines are damaged after a disaster.
  • Satellites provide meteorologists with the ability to see weather on a global scale.
  • Satellites are some of the best sources of data for climate change research.
  • Internet could be developed because of these satellites.

Q32. Explain the importance of India in the world of space campaign?

Answer: India developed a rocket in the form of satellite launching vehicle-3 (SLV-3) which was able to carry the Indian Satellites into space. The first flight of SLV-3 failed, but the Rohini Satellite was successfully sent into space in the second flight. India took the sixth place in the world, acquiring the ability to send the spacecraft by its own rocket. After this, India on its own strength has sent many satellites in space to serve the country. They are sending important geographical, remote sensing information by revolving in the Earth’s Orbit.

Important information about weather are gathered and sent to India. It is also helping in the operation of radio, Doordarshan, telephone, Internet, Telemedicine, remote education etc. India has achieved great success by developing a powerful rocket, Polar Satellite Launching Vehicle (PSLV), which sends the spacecraft in a state of orbiting the Earth pole. India has set a new record by sending 20 satellites simultaneously in space in June 2016. Among these 17 satellites were from other countries. India developed its Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) which is used to launch Geosynchronous satellites. With the help of the powerful rockets India established Chandrayaan-1 in the moon’s orbit in 2008 and achieved success in finding water on the moon and flagging India on the surface of the Moon. In its first attempt on its own strength, India sent Mangalyaan in the orbit of Mars and made the first place in the world. The Mangalyaan of India was declared the best invention of 2014. Until now no other country has been able to do this. India will soon be launching Chandrayaan-2 into the orbit of the Moon and it is going to land a vehicle on the moon’s surface. The devices on this vehicle will collect information about the surface of the moon and send it to India. India is also planning to send Adityayaan to study the sun.


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