Reactance Calculators Using Capacitance

Capacitive Reactance Formula:

Reactance(XC) =1π f C 

Enter the unknown value as ‘ x ‘

Enter Frequency: (f)= Hz

Enter Capacitance(C)= F

Enter Reactance: (XC)= ohms

x =

The Reactance Calculators Using Capacitance is an online tool that helps to find the value of reactance based on given frequency and capacitance values. BYJU’S reactance calculator makes calculations simple and interesting.

The impedance of a capacitor can be determined if we know the values of capacitance (C) and the frequency of the signal (f) passing through it, using the capacitive reactance calculator here.

The unit of frequency should be mentioned in Hertz (Hz) and the unit of Capacitance should be in Farad (F).

The formula to find the capacitive reactance is given by:

Xc = 1/(ωC) = 1/(2 π f C)


Xc = capacitive reactance in ohms

ω = angular frequency = 2 π f (in Hz)

C = capacitance (in F)

How to Find Capacitive Reactance?

To find the capacitor reactance, using calculator, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Mention the value of capacitance and frequency in the respective input fields

Step 2: Mention ‘x’ in the reactance input field

Step 3: Click the “Calculate x” button to get the result

Step 4: The calculated value of capacitor reactance will appear in the output field

Note: We can also use the calculator to find the frequency or capacitor, provided the other two quantities are given.

Practice Problems

  1. Find out the capacitive reactance (Xc) for an AC source of 100v and 50 Hz by a capacitor of 20 μF.
  2. A capacitor offers Resistance of 100Ω to an AC source of 100 v and 50 Hz. Find out the value of the capacitor.

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