Reactance Calculators Using Capacitance

Capacitive Reactance Formula:

Reactance(XC) =12?? ???? ???? C 

Enter the unknown value as ' x '

Enter Frequency: (??)= Hz

Enter Capacitance(C)= F

Enter Reactance: (XC)= ohms

x =

The Reactance Calculators Using Capacitance an online tool which shows Reactance s Using Capacitance for the given input. Byju's Reactance Calculators Using Capacitance is a tool
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Practise This Question

The resistance a solution A is 50 ohm and that of solution B is 100 ohm, both solutions are taken in the same conductivity cell. If equal volumes of solution A and B are mixed, what is the resistance of the mixture using the same cell? (Assume there is no change or increase in the α of A and B on mixing)