Rectangle Formula

A rectangle is a four sided polygon and the length of the opposite sides are equal. A rectangle is also called as an equiangular quadrilateral, as all the angles of a rectangle are right angled. A rectangle is a parallelogram with right angles in it. When the four sides are square, then it is called a square. There are mainly three formulas for rectangle – Perimeter, Area and Diagonal.  


The formulas are:

\[\large Perimeter\;of\;a\;rectangle= 2(l+b)\]

\[\large Area\;of\;a\;rectangle=L\times B\]

\[\large Diagonal\;of\;a\;Rectangle= \sqrt{l^{2}+b^{2}}\]

Solved Examples

Question: Find out the length of the rectangle if the area is 96 $cm^{2}$ and the breadth is 16 cm.


As we know, the Area of a rectangle = $L\times B$

Here the area is already given, so find the length of the rectangle

$96=l \times 16$

$l= \frac{96}{16}$

Length = 6 cm

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