Selenic Acid Formula

Selenic acid is a strong dibasic acid with the formula H2SeO4. It can be manufactured by oxidising selenium compounds in lower oxidation states. One of the methods includes oxidising selenium dioxide with hydrogen peroxide.

\(\begin{array}{l}SeO_2+H_2O_2\rightarrow H_2SeO_4\end{array} \)

In this short piece of article, we will be discussing more the selenic acid formula, its chemical structure properties and uses.

Selenic Acid Properties

Properties of Selenic Acid
Name Selenic Acid
Other Names Selenic (VI) Acid
Appearance White or Colourless crystals
Chemical Formula H2SeO4
Melting Point 58 °C
Boiling Point 260 °C
Density 2.95 g/cm3
Molar Mass 144.9734 g/mol

Selenic Acid Structure

Selenic Acid Formula

Selenic Acid Uses

  • Used as a specialised oxidising agent
  • Used in metal refining, rust removal, fertilizer manufacture and photography
  • Used in metal, drain and toilet cleaners

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