Silver Acetate Formula

Silver Acetate is a chemical compound which is white crystalline in nature. It is Photosensitive which means sensitive to the light. It is used in manufacturing anti smoking medicines in the medical field.

Properties Of Silver Acetate

Chemical formula C2H3AgO2
Molecular weight 166.912 g/mol
Density 3.26 g/cm3, solid
Chemical names Silver(I) acetate, Silver monoacetate, silver (1+) salt, Silver ethanoate
Boiling point Decomposes at 220 °C

Silver Acetate Structural Formula

Silver acetate is formed when acetic acid reacts with silver carbonate at 45–60 °C and when cooled to room temperature it precipitates.

2 CH3CO2H + Ag2CO3 → 2 AgO2CCH3 + H2O + CO2

The structural formula of Silver Acetate is as shown below in the picture.

Structural formula of Silver Acetate

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