Slope Intercept Form Formula

Linear equations are “straight line” equations have simple variable expressions with terms without exponents on them. You are dealing with straight line equation, if you come across an equation with only x and y. To find the equation of a line and y-intercept in the steepness of the line, we use slope intercept form formula.

Formula for Point Slope-Intercept Form

The point slope formula is given as:

y = mx + c

The values used in formula are as follows:

  • m is the slope of the line
  • b is the y-intercept of the line

Solved Examples

Question: With the slope 6 and y-intercept 4, find the equation of a line?



m = 6 and

b = 4

With the formula: y = mx + b

The equation of the line will be y = 6x + 4

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