Strontium Sulfate Formula

Strontium Sulfate Chemical Formula

Strontium Sulfate is white in color in crystalline form. It occurs in the environment as Celestine – the mineral. Strontium Sulfate is poorly soluble in water and is more soluble in nitric acid, dilute HCl and alkali chloride solutions. Let us learn the chemical properties of Strontium Sulfate.

Chemical formula SrSO4 or O4SSr
Molecular weight 183.68 g/mol
Density 3.96 g/cm3
Chemical names Strontium sulfate

Strontium sulphate


Sulfuric acid, strontium salt

Melting point 1,606 °C

Strontium Sulfate Structural Formula

The structural representation of Strontium Sulfate is as shown below in the diagram. Strontium Sulfate is orthorhombic crystals.

Strontium Sulfate Structural Formula

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