Surface Area of a pyramid formula


Surface Area of a pyramid formula

A pyramid  with polygonal base and triangular faces equal to the number of sides in the base. In a pyramid, the triangular faces meet at a single point known as apex. The base of the pyramid is connected with the faces of the pyramid. Since, each and every triangular face will have different size and shape, we would need to find the area of each using the formula given.

The different types of pyramid are given as:

1. Square Pyramid
2. Triangular Pyramid
3. Pentagonal Pyramid
4. Hexagonal Pyramid

Square Pyramid

square$\large Surface\;area\;of\;a\;square\;pyramid=2bs+b^{2}$

Triangular Pyramid

Triangular Pyramid

$\large Surface\;area\;of\;a\;triangular\;pyramid=\frac{1}{2}ab+\frac{3}{2}bs$

Pentagonal Pyramid

Pentagonal Pyramid

$\large Surface\;area\;of\;a\;pentagonal\;pyramid=\frac{5}{2}ab+\frac{5}{2}bs$

Hexagonal Pyramid

hexagonal pyramid

$\large Surface\;area\;of\;a\;hexagonal\;pyramid=3ab+3bs$

Solved Example

Question: Find out the Surface area of the square pyramid with side 5 cm and base 4 cm


Surface area of a square pyramid = 2bs + b2
Here, using the formula

= 2 x 4 x 5 + 4= 40 + 16
= $\large 56\;cm^{2}$ 

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