Telangana state board class 6 - General Science Syllabus (2021-22)

Telangana state board Class 6 General Science Syllabus is prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education, Telangana popularly called as BSE, Telangana. The board was formed during 2014. This state level educational agency aims at promoting and developing quality primary and secondary education in the state of Telangana.

Telangana state board Class 6 General Science Syllabus 2021-22

State Council of Educational Research and Training, in short SCERT, Telangana is an autonomous body, which abet BSE, Telangana in designing and publishing textbooks and syllabus for all classes including Class 6. SCERT, Telangana comprises commission of subject experts in Science, who specify the concept to be covered under Telangana board Class 6 General Science. The committee is sensitive about the mental absorbing potential of students. Thus, topics are chosen in a way that will support the Science learning for this standard and upcoming standards without any burden on students.

Concept covered in Telangana board Cass 6 General Science are very generic and ranges from Life Science to Mechanics, covering a wide spectrum. This broad coverage will sprout an interest among students as they primly explain the natural phenomena happening in and around us. SCERT, Telangana has embedded various activities to involve students more in to subjectivity. Also, each chapter consists of a bunch of exercise questions, practising these will concrete Science understanding among the students.

Some topics covered under Telangana board Class 6 General Science syllabus are – Food, nature of magnets, rain, food eaten by animals, materials and things, habitat, fibre to fabric, separation of substances, Plant: parts and functions, electric circuits, simple measurements, movements in animals, optical phenomena, Living and non-living etc.

Click the link below to Download FREE PDF of Telangana board Class 6 General Science Syllabus prescribed by the state board:

Telangana board class 6 General Science Syllabus 2021-22 

Refer to the table below for brief insight of Telangana board class 6 General Science Syllabus :

Chapter 1 Our Food
Chapter 2 Playing with magnets
Chapter 3 Rain- where does it come from
Chapter 4 What do animals eat
Chapter 5 Materials and things
Chapter 6 Habitat
Chapter 7 Separation of substances
Chapter 8 Fibre to fabric
Chapter 9 Plants: parts and functions
Chapter 10 Changes around us
Chapter 11 Water in our life
Chapter 12 Simple electric circuits
Chapter 13 Learning how to measure
Chapter 14 Movements in animals
Chapter 15 Light, shadows and images
Chapter 16 Living and non-living

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