Telangana Board Class 8 Maths Textbook 2021-22 PDF

From the textbook of Class 8 Maths Telangana Board students can learn Mathematical skills and clear their doubts. The textbook includes topics such as Rational Number, Linear Equations in One Variable, Exponents and Powers, etc. For practise, students will get exercise questions at the end of each chapter. Each theorem and formula are explained with examples, so that students can grasp the concepts and memorise it, easily. It is considered as a common source of information for teachers and students. Even the final question paper is prepared by picking questions from the Textbook. The Telangana Board Class 8 Maths textbook is designed according to the syllabus and it covers the complete course structure, along with the duration for each chapter.

Students can click the link provided below and download Telangana Board Class 8 Maths textbook pdf in English medium and Telugu medium.

Download Telangana Board Class 8 Maths Textbook PDF in English Medium and Telugu Medium

Chapter-wise Names of Telangana Board Class 8 Maths Textbook

  • Chapter 1: Rational Numbers
  • Chapter 2: Linear Equations in One Variable
  • Chapter 3: Construction of Quadrilaterals
  • Chapter 4: Exponents and Powers
  • Chapter 5: Comparing Quantities using Proportion
  • Chapter 6: Square Roots and Cube Roots
  • Chapter 7: Frequency Distribution Tables and Graphs
  • Chapter 8: Exploring Geometrical Figures
  • Chapter 9: Area of Plane Figures
  • Chapter 10: Direct and Inverse Proportions
  • Chapter 11: Algebraic Expressions
  • Chapter 12: Factorisation
  • Chapter 13: Visualizing 3-D in 2-D
  • Chapter 14: Surface Area and Volume (Cube-Cuboid)
  • Chapter 15: Playing with Numbers


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