Tamil Nadu Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus 2022-23 | Concept of Samacheer Kalvi Class 11 Biology Syllabus

The TN State Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus is devised to help students understand the living world of animals and plants. The TN Board syllabus for Class 11 Biology is divided into two separate topics, Botany and Zoology. A student who is seeking the Samacheer Kalvi Tamil Nadu Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus, will find an all-inclusive document with complete information on Zoology as well as Botany classes. In an elaborate syllabus, students might even find details of the teacher assigned, the time and number of Class allotted for each session and this helps a student to come to class well-prepared. Knowing the Tamil Nadu Board Class 11 Syllabus for Biology is the first step to planning the studies and preparing more effectively for the final exams.

The Tamil Nadu Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus has two sections – Zoology covering 12 chapters under 5 units. Some of the topics taught include Living World, Organ Systems, Body Fluids, Trends in Economic Zoology and so on. At the same time, TN Class 11 Biology Syllabus also include 6 Units under Botany. The main topics under this are Plant Diversity, Morphology and Taxonomy of Angiosperms, Cell Biology, Plant Anatomy and Physiology and more. TN Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus also give proper details about the practical classes.

Samacheer Kalvi Tamil Nadu Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus 2022-23

Here is the updated TN Board Class 11 syllabus for Biology.

Class 11 Zoology Part 1 Syllabus
Chapter 1 The Living World
Chapter 2 Kingdom Animalia
Chapter 3 Tissue Level of Organisation
Chapter 4 Organ and Organ Systems in Animals
Unit III
Chapter 5 Digestion and Absorption
Chapter 6 Respiration
Chapter 7 Body Fluids and Circulation
Class 11 Zoology Part 2 Syllabus
Unit III
Chapter 8 Excretion
Chapter 9 Locomotion and Movement
Chapter 10 Neural Control and Coordination
Chapter 11 Chemical Coordination and Integration
Chapter 12 Trends in Economic Zoology
Class 11 Botany Theory Syllabus
Unit 1 Plant Diversity
  • Living World
  • Classification of Plants
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Bacteria
  • Bacterial Life Process
  • Fungi
  • Algae
  • Bryophytes
  • Pteridophytes
  • Gymnosperms
  • Angiosperms
  • Dicots and Monocots
Unit 2 Morphology and Taxonomy of Angiosperms
  • Vegetative Morphology
  • Shoot System
  • Reproductive Morphology
  • Taxonomy and Systematic Botany
Unit 3 Cell Biology and Biomolecules
  • Cell: The Unit of Life
  • Discovery; Microscopy
  • Cell Cycle
Unit 4 Plant Anatomy (Structural Organisation of Plants)
  • Tissue and Tissue System
  • Secondary Growth
Unit 5 Plant Physiology (Functional Organisation)
  • Plant Growth and Development
  • Transport in Plants
  • Mineral Nutrition
  • Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
  • Respiration
Class 11 Botany Practicals Syllabus
Preparation and Demonstration of slides
Fresh or preserved specimens
Identification of marked region from list of Models / Photographs / Pictures
Plant Taxonomy – Flower Dissection
Bio molecules – Nutrient test
Plant Physiology Experiments

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