TN Board Class 11 Botany Important Questions

Class 11 Botany is a study which is very much related to plants. It is important to study about plants because they are a fundamental part of life on Earth. Important questions of Class 11 Botany will help students to prepare for their board exams as well as competitive exams like NEET, AIIMS. To score good percentile in Class 11 Botany student requires a deep knowledge of the subject. All the important questions present in these materials are framed under the guidance of TN board Class 11 Botany textbook. Students can solve these TN Board Class 11 Botany Important Questions for practice and revise the major concepts of the subject, in order to ace the final exams.

Important questions of Class 11 Botany cover up all the important topics which are necessary for the students preparing for both the Class 11 board and competitive examinations. These important questions of Class 11 Botany provide students a chapter wise preparation strategy so that they can prepare for their exam more efficiently. It will also help students to get familiar with the marking scheme and the difficulty level of the exam.

The important questions of Class 11 Botany are prepared by subject experts according to the latest syllabus of Tamilnadu Board. Students of Class 11 those who are preparing for the exam are advised to practice these Class 11 Botany important questions to be more focused on their examination. It will boost up the student’s self-confidence and also bring a sense of discipline and seriousness in their exam preparation.

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  1. What role do deuteromycetes play in the environment?
  2. How do mosses promote the growth of higher plants?
  3. Why does the roots of Rhizophora come out of the ground?
  4. Give one example each of pinnately compound and palmately compound leaf.
  5. Find out the floral formula for bisexual flower with bract, regular, pentamerous, distinct calyx and corolla, superior ovary without bracteole.
  6. Which taxonomical aid serve as quick referral system of living plants in taxonomical studies?
  7. Does resting phase of the cell cycle signify that there is no activity going inside the cell? Justify your answer.
  8. Which characteristics were considered while placing fungi in a separate kingdom?
  9. Potato and Tapioca store starch rich food in underground tubers. We consider potato as stem modification and tapioca as root modification. Why?
  10. Give each one example of plants with monoadelphous, diadelphous, and polyadelphous stamens found respectively.
  11. Describe the androecium of Liliaceae member by using technical terms.
  12. Give one difference between ribosomes of chloroplast and cytoplasmic ribosomes
  13. Do you think shape of chloroplast is unique for algae. Justify your answer.
  14. When we remove co factor how could it affect the catalytic activity of enzymes?
  15. Give diagrammatic representation of amitosis division.
  16. Explain the gametophyte of Marchantia?
  17. Gymnosperms and Angiosperms are seeded plants. Tabulate the differences.
  18. Explain the type of fruit bodies of ascomycetes with diagram
  19. Explain the types of roots based on their secondary functions.
  20. Explain different levels of protein organization.


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