TN Board Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus

Maths teaches you to think. Maths seems different because it is specific and powerful vocabulary for ideas. Math vocabulary shapes what we are capable of thinking about. It helps to develop our problem-solving skill. There are many reasons that every student will appreciate maths they move forward with their academic endeavours. Everyone needs some level of specific knowledge in Maths.

Needs of Learning Maths

We are using maths in our daily life. Numbers and mathematics help us to keep score -not just in sports contest, but in measuring money, time, distance and in many of the arts and humanities disciplines including arts, music and mass communications. Mathematics has been called as “The Universal Language”.

Here, the class 7 TN Board syllabus will provide the basic knowledge for students on each topics and they will get detailed knowledge on the same topic in class 8 Syllabus.

Number system – I
Arithmetic Of Integers
Properties Of Integers
Decimal Numbers
Arithmetic Of Decimals
Perimeter and Area of Triangles, Rectangles and Squares
Area Of Pathway
Algebraic Expressions
Solving Simple Linear Expressions
Graphical Representation Of inequalities in a single Variable
Algebraic identities
Recall: Ratio and Proportion
Direct and Indirect Variation
Fraction And Decimal into Percentage
Simple Interest
Properties Of Parallel Lines
Properties Of Triangles
Congruence Triangles Properties
Patterns and Relations
Practical Geometry
Construction Of Perpendicular Bisector and Angle Bisector
Construction Of Angles
Construction Of Triangles
Collection and Organisation of Continuous data
Mean ,Median and Mode
Information Processing
System Listing, counting and Processing
Iterative Patterns and Process
Following and Devising Algorithms

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