TN Board Class 9 Social Science Important Questions

TN Board Class 9 Social Science provides additional information related to the subjects coming under Social Science, thus, stirring curiosity in students. We have also provided TN Board Class 9 Social Science Important Questions for the students to prepare most competently for the exam. These important questions are taken from all the chapters of the textbook. Students who have solved these Tamil Nadu Board Class 9 Social Science Important Questions get used to answering various questions of different difficulty levels.

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1) Discuss how the age of speculation made humans become conscious and knowledgeable.

2) Hominid and Hominins. Describe these.

3) The history of humans is closely related to the history of the earth. Elucidate.

4) State the salient features of the Ziggurats.

5) To what extent is the Chinese influence reflected in the fields of philosophy and literature.

6) Agriculture was one of the main sources of subsistence in the Sangam Age. Give reasons.

7) To what extent do you think the political powers of Tamilagam influenced Sangam Age polity?

8) Highlight the steps taken by Ashoka to spread Buddhism.

9) Discuss the five cardinal principles of Confucius.

10) Write a brief note on the various spheres of the Earth.

11) Define Plate tectonics.

12) Distinguish between Inselbergs and yardangs.

13) Polar Easterlies are cold and dry. Why is it so?

14) Write a short note on tradewinds.

15) What are the challenges to democracy? Explain.

16) What are the functions of political parties?

17) Describe in detail about environmental policies in India.

18) What is the labour force of the economy?

19) What do you know of the Carthaginian leader Hannibal?

20) Impact of Crusades. Answer briefly.

21) Discuss the emergence of Japan under the Shogunate.

22) Discuss in detail the political changes during 1526-1707 A.D. (C.E.).

23) Outline the differences of Martin Luther with the Catholic Church.

24) Write a paragraph on the origin of oceans.

25) Producers are also called autotrophs. Give reasons.

26) How does the National Human Rights Commission protect our rights?

27) Explain in detail about the role of RBI in the country.

28) What were the effects of the Industrial Revolution of England on India?

29) Discuss the economic impact of British Rule in India.

30) Migration towards cities is the main cause for the birth of slums. Justify.

31) Define remote sensing.

32) Write a short note on Tsunami.

33) What do you do if you are indoors during an earthquake?

34) Write a short on Democracy in Nepal.

35) List out the salient features of Tamil Nadu Panchayat Raj Act 1994. Answer in brief.

36) Tabulate the crops grown in Tamil Nadu.


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