Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Chemistry Blue-print and Marking Scheme

TN HSC 12th Chemistry Question Pattern is given in this article for the students to download. The detailed question pattern or the Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Chemistry Blue-Print I Marking Scheme gives a clear picture about the marks allotment in the question paper as per the chapter or for each section, so that a student can prepare for the exam properly. Preparing for the Class 12 Chemistry exams become easier if the students are aware of the entire Marking Scheme with respect to the learning outcomes and the units. So, for this we have provided here the TN Board Class 12 Chemistry Blueprint and Marking Scheme for the students to refer.

For students to get a view of the exam pattern and marking scheme, they can refer to the TN Board Blueprint for 2nd year HSC Chemistry or the TN Board Class 12 Sample Papers.

Look at the blueprint given here:

Download TN Board Class 12 Chemistry Blue-Print I Marking Scheme PDF

Students of TN Board Class 12 can glance below for the higher secondary second year TN Board Chemistry design of the chapter wise questions and blue-print:

Higher Secondary Second Year Chemistry Blue Print Question Pattern
Blue print for class 12 chemistry
blue print class chemistry
Blue print for class 12 chemistry

From the summary, it is evident that there are 12 short answer questions, 21 very short answer questions, 30 objective questions that form a part of the class 12 Chemistry question paper. That is, part 1 includes 30 MCQs, part 2 consists of 21 very short answers of which 15 should be answered and part 3 contains 12 short answers of which 7 are compulsory. Meanwhile, for part 4, there are 6 questions of which 3 need to be answered along with the one either-or type question that is compulsory.

For a more detailed insight into the question pattern, marking schemes and design of blueprint, students can refer to the downloadable PDF from the link given above in the article.

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