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The Torus Surface Area Calculator an online tool which shows Torus Surface Area for the given input. Byju’s Torus Surface Area Calculator is a tool which makes calculations very simple and interesting. If an input is given then it can easily show the result for the given number.

Surface Area of Torus = (2πR)(2πr)

How to Use Torus Surface Area Calculator?

The steps to find the torus surface area using calculator is given here:

Step 1: Enter the value of outer radius or big radius (R)

Step 2: Enter the value of inner radius or small radius (r)

Step 3: Click on the Solve button. The value of surface area of torus will appear on the screen.

What is Surface area of Torus?

A torus is a three-dimensional shape created by revolving a small circle with radius r in space about an axis which is coplanar to a bigger circle of radius R. The formula to calculate the surface area of torus is given by:

Surface area of Torus = (2πR)(2πr)

SA = 4 π2 Rr

Also, the volume of Torus is given by:

Volume = (2πR)(πr2)

V = 2π2Rr2

Solved Examples

Q.1: What is the  Surface area of Torus which has an inner radius equal to 5 unit and outer radius equal to 10 unit?

Solution: Given, Outer radius = 10 unit

Inner radius = 5 unit

Torus Surface Area = 4 π2 Rr

SA (Torus) = 4 π2 (10) (5)

SA (Torus) = 1973.92 sq.unit.

Q.2: What is the surface area if the torus has inner radius equal to 15 unit and outer radius equal to 25 unit?


Given, Outer radius = 15 unit

Inner radius = 25 unit

Torus Surface Area = 4 π2 Rr

SA (Torus) = 4 π2 (25) (15)

SA (Torus) = 14804.41 sq.unit.


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  1. what does inner radius mean in a torus? is it the distance between its center and outer wall or radius of the torus’s inside when we look into it